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Gives Light (Gives Light Series)

Gives Light - Rose Christo Gives Light, just like the book cover, is a very beautiful story. Skylar, a mute boy of 16, is forced to navigate his life at an Indian reservation when his father disappeared. And that's exactly what this story is about: living and forming relationships - both friendships and love.

You know, that might have been the reason why I couldn't get into this story as much as I wanted to. It's like looking on a calm lake: beautiful, serene, and very picturesque. But after an hour, it gets kind of boring.

There are some issues that occur with Skylar with both his relationship with Rafael and his father, but it was difficult to imagine the issues not being happily resolved in the serene atmosphere that painted this whole story (despite the troublesome issues). So if you are looking for a YA story that is well written and sweet, then give this story a go.

(Maybe another reason I couldn't enjoy this as much was because I finished Captive Prince Vol 2 not long ago. How can you compete?!)