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Le jeu du chat et de la souris

Le jeu du chat et de la souris - Setona Mizushiro Title translation: The cornered mouse dreams of cheese.

This is actually a reread for me, and remember really enjoying this the first time. After several years of M/M fiction under my belt, I found the second time through...not so much.

This a gay-for-you story that presents two main characters that aren't very likeable. You have the married Kyoichi who has infidelity issues. Then you have his old college classmate/stalker/current private investigator Imagase who blackmails Kyoichi to have sexual experiences with him to keep his infidelity quiet from the wife. At first, the story looked like a PWP type of story, and if it wasn't for my memories that things get more interesting, I probably would have quit after the first volume.

But surprisingly after the first chapter, there seemed to be the beginnings of what may actual be a thoughtful GFY plot.