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Deep in the Heart of Texas

Deep in the Heart of Texas - emwebb17 What I love about emwebb17 is the fact that she/he (?) can write some pretty badass violence (Look into the author's other work, Angel Slayer!). And the author's portrayal of Misha as a hit man is an example of this characteristic.

So the first part of Deep in the Heart of Texas is told from Misha's POV, while the second portion is a retelling from Jensen's POV. It was very interesting to read from Misha's perspective, since he is the more interesting of the couple. I really enjoyed being in Misha's head space, to experience how he views the world, but most importantly how he sees Jensen.

I don't know what more I can say about this finale to Off the Reservation. If you are at this point in the series and have enjoyed what you've read, then Deep in the Heart of Texas should be no different.