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The Parts of Our Sum

The Parts of Our Sum - Annie D Rating: 3.5 stars

Castiel is an ex-soldier with augmented arms and lungs. He served The Company during a war that has left him alone in many sense of the word, and now spends his time at The Oasis, working to pay back the money owed for his augmentations. While there, Castiel meets Dean Winchester, a man who dislikes The Company for screwing with his family.

The parts of Our Sum is a lovely story about two different people falling in love. There's really no action, or suspense. Nothing too dramatic, nor incredibly thrilling. Instead, what you have is a nicely written romance. While this was definitely a plus, it was also a weakness for me since I expected more. However, characterization was great, as Dean and Castiel were well fitted in their roles for the story here yet staying true to their nature as depicted on television.

So overall, The Parts of Our Sum is a nice AU fanfiction of Supernatural. The world building was adequate and well crafted. The characters are likeable. The romance works well. Just don't expect any action or dramatics (like me) and you'll be fine.