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Tales from Foster High

Tales from Foster High - John  Goode Original rating: 5 stars
Re-read on Audible: 3 stars

I first read Tales from Foster High during my M/M infancy days. I loved it and still thought it was enjoyable upon re-read as an audiobook. Tales of Foster High is a high school, coming-of-age story involving Kyle (nerd) and Brad (most popular guy/jock) and the result of their relationship on a very homophobic town in Texas. It was the kind of book I wished I could have read when I was in high school myself (though it wasn't published then!).

The story was enjoyable enough - though a little too much crying and tears for my liking. The narrator had a good voice for Kyle, but I wished he made it sound more distinct form Brad's. Heck, if I wasn't paying very close attention, I wouldn't know who was actually speaking. His inflection didn't necessarily match with Kyle's witty or sarcastic comments towards the beginning of the audiobook, but he seemed to improve as the story progressed (more towards the later third).

Overall, if you are looking for a YA high school M/M book with a strong morale, then give Tales from Foster High a shot. Though I recommend the book more so than the audiobook version.