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Guardian - Carole Cummings Guardian is the beginning of this trilogy series well crafted by Carole Cummings. It is a fantasy world where there are opposing political factions. It is a world where there is a Father, a Mother, and the gifts bestowed to one another as the Guardian and the Aisling. There is magic. There are dreams and guns. There are battles - violence is no stranger to this world. And there is the beginnings of a very intriguing plot and romance.

Constable Dallin Brayden was only twelve years old when he escaped the city of Lind and lived in Putnam for approximately 25 years (if I did my math right, he is approximately 37 years old). He spent ten of those years at the Constabulary making friends and creating a reputation for being very good at what he does. He just never expected his meeting with a murder witness by the name of Wil Calder would be the start of something beyond his normal imagination.

The story is told in third person POV, rotating between Dallin and Wil with each chapter. Carole Cummings created two very well developed main characters: Dallin, the pragmatic and calm man. Wil, the survivor who runs through his rainbow of emotions from one sentence to the next. Both characters have history, and we understand their personality based on their life experiences. No one has had it easy in the past, and my heart goes out to them both.

The story is riddled with bits and pieces of information. It is easy to be confused with the political landscape at first, but things begin to make sense midway into the book. The plot itself involving the Aisling and the Guardian is something that readers are slowly brought to understanding with as well. Having read up to the second book in the past, I can say that the author has taken great cares to construct an intricate plot that only begins with this first book.

While the tag for this book states it is M/M romance, I will caution readers that no romance actually occurs in this first book. Instead, trust is established between Dallin and Wil - and yes, it takes the whole book for it to happen. Everything about this book is a slow burn.

So if you are looking for a fantasy series with an intriguing and heavy plot (no fluff here), lots of feelings, and characters who are trying to find their "Calling," then give this one a shot. Guardian is definitely a solid read.