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Come Unto These Yellow Sands

Come Unto These Yellow Sands - Josh Lanyon Come Unto These Yellow Sands (CUTYS) is another good Josh Lanyon fiction. It wasn't the mystery that made this book stellar. It was 80% Swift and 20% Max. CUTYS explores many aspects of Swift: a child of two famous literary parents, a (past) drug addict (cocaine specifically), professor of a MFA program, and his relationship status with Max. Things aren't always smooth for Swift and Max in this book, but you see a relationship development, or more of a realization as things unfold.

Overall, things come together nicely at the (typically abrupt Josh Lanyon style) end. I wouldn't pick this book up for the mystery - it was the weaker element in this fiction. Pick CUTYS if you want to read about one man's struggle to continue forward in his life despite a painful past.