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Pressure Head

Pressure Head - J.L. Merrow Rating: 3.5 stars (reread)

A sort-of psychic plumber and a private investigator from Tom's past. Such an unlikely pairing, but it work's in Pressure Head.

Basically, Tom Paretski is a plumber that does some unofficial consulting for the police force. In simple terms, Tom here can find things and people that are hidden. A handy trick of the trade for both finding leaky pipes and...well, bodies. And this story starts off no differently when Tom is asked a favor by his police friend and meets an acquaintance from his past, one (tall, blond and gorgeous) Phil Morrison.

I believe Tom's witty and humorous voice is what sets Pressure Head from an average read to something a bit little special. I mean, a witty plumber with a big heart, psychic abilities, and two cats named Arthur and Merlin?

This book is also very British. That worked for and against Pressure Head. It certainly lent a sort of authentic feel to the setting and characters. At the same time, certain references kind of left me in the dark for which Google was my dear friend. Regardless of these moments, I was still able to enjoy and appreciate the story.

My biggest complaint is the lack of intimacy required for me to label this as a romance. Most of the emphasis was on the mystery, and the relationship between Tom and Phil seemed to take one step forward and two steps back at every corner. It doesn't help that Tom is a tad too touchy and Phil is emotionally constipated. There is a lot left to explore between these two by the end, but that's what a sequel is for, isn't it?

Anyways, Pressure Head is a great British mystery for those looking for something a little bit quirky and humorous.