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Venetian Masks

Venetian Masks - Kim Fielding "...But I like the adventure of masks. You never know what is behind them."

I don't know what it is about Kim Fielding that makes me automatically click "buy" on ARe, thus saving me 2 minutes that could be spent reading her books. It's like a reflex: don't think, just do. And I think a huge reason why I like (all) her books is her writing style. I have a hard time expressing my thoughts, so the best way I can put it is that her writing is very practical. It is practical in the way that she always gives enough detail to both the setting and characters, without drowning you with too many words. Yet despite her practical writing, it is filled with enough life and emotions that you can't help, but immerse yourself in whatever her imagination has painted.

Regarding VM: you get Jeff. He's 30, an IT guy, and is "stuck" on a trip to Venice after a breakup from a 5 year-long relationship. He has an addiction to gay romance novels, despite knowing that the likelihood of getting swept off his feet by a sexy gay vampire/cowboy/space man/alpha shifter is slim to none (as a gay man myself, I couldn't help but smile at this). But what he doesn't know is that he'll find himself on an adventure with a mysterious "tour guide" that will break every foundation of normalcy he has ever experienced.

So what I liked about VM? I love Jeff, because he is a man who has problems, but doesn't let it stop him from continuing with life. He may second guess himself, and regret certain decisions, but he eventually takes that step forward. Then, there's Cleve: the man with the mask - mysterious, sexy, yet wanting of something we all take for granted. And then, there's Cleve x Jeff...

The story takes place mostly in Venice, but also other surrounding places as well. I felt very satisfied with the amount of detail we are given, and found myself easily on a gondola just like our MCs.

In terms of plot, the story does take time to get the ball rolling. I think it was around 50% when I felt that the action was starting up, though that is not to say the first half of the story was boring. Even though our characters are "on the run," I wouldn't necessarily say this is a "thriller/suspenseful" kind of read.

So overall? Another good fiction by Kim Fielding. Great characters, great dialogue and quotes (many highlights in my Nook!), and a wonderful adventure through Venice. And most of all , who doesn't love a character who uses his Kindle as a WEAPON?