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Fireheart - Gloria H. Giroux I think my expectation for this book didn't match up to the reality of it. I will have to put this one aside and not rate it, as doing so would be unfair. The writing was too much "tell" and not enough "show." The book up to 19% couldn't make me feel any visceral emotions despite the amount of activity that has occurred. The insta-attraction that Pyke felt towards Vin-Chay couldn't really be explained except for Vin-Chay's "blue eyes." There is companionship that occurs, then a sort of "betrayal," and then slavery. Time seems to jump weeks or sometimes months from one chapter to the next, when the author would explain any progress that occurs (the "telling"), but not really showing the readers. Pyke also seems to have anger management issues that only occurs when he's at home on Ptolemii. One moment, he's all loving, the next minute he backhands Vin-Chay.

Overall, I was cruising along the waves without feeling the thrill and anticipation of the ride.