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The Rebuilding Year

The Rebuilding Year - Kaje Harper I absolutely love Kaje Harper and I especially love The Rebuilding Year! The story centers around two guys: a 30 year old ex-fireman and now medical student (Ryan) and a 37 year old groundskeeper (John) who is struggling to keep in contact with his two kids after a (rough) divorce. This is a GFY story, with both guys having heterosexual relationships in the past with no homosexual inclinations. There were conflicts with overcoming their (past) sexual perceptions, old scars, family troubles and a mystery thrown into the mix. While the story tackles all these issues very well, it also avoids a lot of angst one would see in these "types" of stories. After all, we are dealing with two men who just want to settle down and be happy.

So yes, another great story and one I will probably go back to when I am angst-out and want something that is good and solid without the heartache.