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Snowball in Hell

Snowball in Hell - Josh Lanyon I think I have a man-crush for Matthew. <3<br/>
Snowball in Hell takes place during WWII, which was a time when being homosexual could lead to prosecution. We have our two characters: Mathew (35 yo; widowed; a cop) and Nathan (32-ish?; journalist). Both characters have their own emotional baggage to carry (both are war veterans in their own way), but are brought together during an investigation.

There is a lot to say, but much have already been mentioned in previous reviews. What I can say is that Snowball in Hell packs a lot of punch in a small bundle: an interesting mystery and a "forbidden" relationship (in the real sense, since there is the legal aspect of it to consider). I would say that the mystery takes place during the first half of the book, and the romance takes a strong hold during the second half. Nathan and Matthew were well defined characters. We get a good glimpse into their personalities, both as individuals and as sprouting lovers. It would be nice to see how much they will develop and how they can make their relationship work in the sequel (which at the time of this review, has not been published yet).

Anyways, if you like Josh Lanyon's characterization in previous works + how he writes mysteries, then you are sure to enjoy this one. If you have never read his previous works before, then this would be a good start as well.