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Fair Game

Fair Game - Josh Lanyon Rating: 3.5 stars

Josh Lanyon has a formula, and it works well. You have the physically disabled, ex-Fed and current college professor: Elliot. Elliot has been off the force for 17 months, ever since his knee cap got blown to smithereens and he had to get a prosthetic replacement. During a normal day in his new life as a history professor, his father asks Elliot to "unofficially" take on the case of a family friend's missing son, who happens to go to the university that Elliot teaches at.

And let's not forget the FBI, who are involved in the case. And it so happens that the lead investigator on the case is Elliot's ex: mister tall, muscular and red-headed Lance Tucker. *licks lips*

Oh, and things didn't end well between Elliot and Tucker when they last saw each other. But that's the fun in these Lanyon romance-mystery stories.

The first half of the story was pretty much devoted to crime solving/investigating with very little, yet tense, interactions between Elliot and Tucker. While I don't like stories that shirk the romance, I kind of expected it. And it wasn't until the second half of the story when the story reared back and focused on the relationship aspect: how they feel about one another, what happened between these two men in the past (which was kept vague up to this point), and what will happen from here on.

The mystery was okay (once again, not a big mystery fan; I just like cops and federal agents, and mysteries tend to follow them!) and the little bit of sex was tactfully done without feeling porny. I DID wish we got more Elliot x Tucker time though, but that's probably what a sequel is for *coughs*.