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Mars on the Rise

Mars on the Rise - Rae Gee DNF - I read up to 40% of this book, before putting it down for about a week. Read a few books in between, then decided to start again, and read up to 60%. Had to put my Nook down every 5 or so pages, because I just couldn't focus. I kept telling myself that I could do this. I could finish this. It's steam punk. It's dark. There's a character with an abused childhood, with a history of failed relationships with people he loved. All the things I would normally like.

So what went wrong?

1. Cedo
2. Cedo's insta-love
3. Cedo's naivety
4. Cedo's freakish infatuation

Are you seeing a pattern here? After 60% through the novel, I could NOT understand for the life of me why Cedo loves Erus. The only reason I can come up with has to do with Cedo: the boy's got problems. His infatuation with Erus, the inventor of torture and war devices, is borderline mental.

Example: he walks around the hallway of Erus' mansion at night, peeks through a door to see some strange woman strapped to a metal chair being electrocuted.

I don't know about anyone here, but if I was Cedo, I would quietly pack away my clothes in a sack, leave the mansion, and run while screaming in horror as far away as possible. But what does Cedo do? He thinks along the lines of "Erus is BAD BAD BAD, but...I LURVE HIMMMM!!!!11 I JUST NEEED 2 UNDERRSTANDHIMBETTER."

Then Cedo would do something that Erus doesn't like, and get chained to a wall and whipped, or get yelled at. But that's okay, because Cedo LURVES HIMMMM.

Let's not forget that very early on, the two seal the deal by entering into a contracted relationship. Pretty much Cedo willingly gives away his rights as an individual to Erus (and call him "Sir" and "Master"), while Erus can do whatever he wants to Cedo. As long as it's for Cedo's "best" interest, to be determined by Erus.

But hot damn, Cedo realizes after the contract, that maybe this wasn't a good idea. BUT THAT'S OKAY, BECAUSE CEDO LUUURVES ERUS.

And then, there's Erus: cries about his love for Cedo in one moment, then screams in his face the next. Maybe he changes later in the book, but I honestly don't see much beyond a kid who decides to get back at the world for an abused childhood, by making devices of torture and war.