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The Chimera Affair

The Chimera Affair - Keira Andrews 3.75 stars (okay, might as well be 4 stars!)

The Chimera Affair is a light read. For this reason, it was the perfect book for me at the time I started. There is no clever plot devices, nothing is overly complicated, and things just happen (don't over think it). Yet despite the simplicity of it all, the story works well for its intention. That is to say, bringing two unlikely people together.

There is Kyle, a spy/agent, working for an organization that is currently trying to stop the purchase of a deadly chemical called the Chimera. He's all business, doesn't have any friends (save for one, maybe...), had bad relations with his family, and is looking to drown his life in nothing but work.

Then, there is Sebastian. What I love about Sebastian is that he's no damsel in distress. He doesn't just whine and let things happen. Sure, he made some poor choices in the beginning, but he mans up pretty quickly and becomes an asset instead of baggage. Sebastian is also a mathematics "nerd" with crazy good memory (he recites pi to 26 decimal places when he's nervous). I'm sure you can imagine how he can be useful, huh?

When these two meet, it's insta-attraction. Yet through the fast, thrilling pace set by the author, Kyle and Sebastian will have a lot of bullets to dodge and men to avoid before they can confront their blossoming feelings for each other.

And at the end? A HEA! :-)