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Special Forces - Soldiers

Special Forces - Soldiers - Vashtan, Marquesate, Aleksandr Voinov I didn't know what to expect when starting Soldiers asides from the fact that it is a must read M/M series according to many GR users. Sure, there was the book blurb, but even that tidbit of information paled to really describe the depth and complexity in the world of Soldiers.

In my opinion, the best word to describe this book is: Raw.

Raw: hatred, vengeance, lust, desperation, uncertainty and love. There is nothing sharp and precise about any of these emotions. They explode in a symphony of discord that will annihilate the calming landscape of your mentality, leaving you bare to witness what these two enemies can orchestrate during the violence of war.

There is really no "good guy/bad guy" when labeling Vadim and Dan. They are both flawed in similar, yet different ways. You will form opinions of these characters within the first few pages of reading. And by the end, you will most likely change your assessment completely.

There is action/violence and suspense. Yet while reading, I felt that the relationship between Vadim and Dan continued to play a fundamental role throughout the story.

The length of this book is adequate in showing how these characters progress as their relationship dynamic changes. To me, it is both a difficult, yet beautiful transition that easily brought tears to my eyes.

One "flaw/weakness" I had was the dual POVs between Vadim and Dan. The perspective changes from one paragraph to the next, and sometimes within the same paragraph as well. This, combined with the majority of male characters, can make for a confusing read when pronouns (he, his, him) are used and you don't realize who "he" is referring to. Not a big issue, and you get used to it after a while. It just meant having to reread a paragraph to make sure I am understanding the situation.

The simplest way I can put it is that Soldiers is about two people who are brought together and separated by forces beyond their control.