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Unhinge the Universe

Unhinge the Universe - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt Unhinge the Universe (UTU) is a very thoughtful fiction set during WWII. I had my apprehensions when starting a book that stars a Nazi soldier (after all, I had nightmares about Nazi soldiers when I learned about the Holocaust in school). But regardless of my preconceptions and bias, Aleksandr Voinov has taught me that soldiers are an invention of war, and there is still capacity to love despite what soldiers are forced to do. So yes, Hagen is a Nazi soldier, but John (an American captain) fell in love - not to the Nazi, but to the actual PERSON.

Despite the story being set in (mostly) France during WWII, most of the development between our two MCs is done in the span of a few days during conversations and interrogations. There were sprinkles of action towards the beginning and end of the book, but don't expect off-the-seat fighting-for-their-lives kind of action at every corner.

Both characters were loveable, and it was endearing to see their dynamic develop. And best of all: HEA!