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The Sailor's General Superior

The Sailor's General Superior - IceraMyst The book blurb really doesn't do this book justice. TSGS is a very thorough foray into a world of fantasy, magic, and bonds.

You have Cale (short for Calentine), who has worked 8 seasons on the Bluefish (a ship), and has the heart of a sailor. Nothing special. At all.

Then you have Paraz Asotegi, The General Superior, a man known in many of tales of heroes, second in command under the Queen, and a dzali - a race of nonhumans with magical talents (whom fear the water).

When these two meet, a magical bond is form (similar to mates in werewolf stories). What's worst is that there has NEVER been a bond formed between a dzali and human before. And just like that, Sailor Cale and The General Superior are locked together in the midst of war.

Despite the formation of their bond, there's is no insta-love. Or at least, on Cale's part. If anything, this book is a very, very, slow-burn. it took about 85-90% of the book before the attraction was mutual. The book is in first person from Cale's POV, which works well. Cale is a very reasonable and strong character with a sense of humor. The secondary characters are very enjoyable as well, and the discussion of magical talents (including those form from magical bonds) added an interesting mix to the usual fantasy.

The world building was absolutely stunning. Description of the dzali, the customs and their differences between the humans and dzali, and the war politics were nicely presented. The biggest issue with the book is pacing, as there were some moments I felt were dragged out too long or unnecessary.

So overall, if you are a fan of fantasy, I would definitely give TSGS a shot! It is a free online fiction. However, if you want an epub version, there are online tools that can compile the chapters into a ebook format (and works pretty well). There is also a sequel in the works as well!