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Iron Butterfly

Iron Butterfly - mousegirl05 Rating: 2.5 rounded to 3 stars

I had mixed feelings about Iron Butterfly. I think the premise of the story was great: a human child, unloved by his father, is sent to another planet where he is to be disciplined at a temple. The human child meets a prince, and they fall in love while battling discrimination and some political turmoil. When the boys meet, they are 10 years old, and progresses over 13 years. There are elements of abuse that plays a significant role in Ny's (the human) upbringing in the temple and also MPreg.

However, the story was just too long. I found myself skimming the last 20% and reading about half the dialogue without really missing anything of importance. Also, the story itself was anticlimatic in its delivery. As for the characters, I can't really say I felt strongly for both protagonists, and will even go so far and say that I didn't really like Ny. Though, it was sweet to see his relationship with Gale grow and become something tangible over the years.

There were also inclusion of a lot of secondary characters, but the story always seemed to focus on the two MCs, which is a good thing. And one last gripe, which I tend to overlook for free online fiction, but was enough to give me a headache: there is so many proofreading mistakes (misspelled words, repeated words, missing words, incorrect words, and the lack of using the space bar between words)! My brain had to do autocorrect while reading, and it really distracted from the moment, especially when you are at a "heartbreaking" scene, yet the character dialogue doesn't make sense, or you have to reread it twice to get what's happening.

So overall? Kind of disappointing, but may be worth a shot if you can overlook the proof reading, blue aliens with black or silver hair, MPreg, and slightly strange PG sex (is that even possible? Apparently).