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Ravages - R.A. Padmos DNF @ 51%

I'm very, very sad that I had to discontinue this book. Ravages is probably one of the more tragically beautiful, contemporary stories I've read in a while, but was so poorly written I just couldn't read anymore.

My advice: download a sample of the story to gauge if you'll love or dislike the writing style. The problem for me was the flowery, very non-realistic and overly long use of dialogue. No one speaks like the people in this book! Not only that, but there is so much telling and not enough showing that the span of days could pass from one paragraph to the next. Sentences can get congested, and two or three thoughts could easily fit in one of Steve's sentences.

Then there's the proofreading mistakes and odd word choices that made me wonder if English is the author's second language. There were moments that just felt very...off.

If you don't mind the above mentioned things, then Ravages could end up being a very good book. It made me shed some tears in the beginning, but once the immediate danger of things settled, I find myself getting more annoyed with the writing.