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Aftermath - Cara Dee So you have a sexy accountant (Austin) and a sexy mechanic (Cam) who are brought together by not-so-very-good circumstances (a kidnapping of 5 months), of which a friendship is formed. Though "friendship" is not adequate to describe the emotional dependency they tend to have for one another, it was definitely the start of what will become a very beautiful relationship.

The story focuses on how these two men deal with everyday life, plain and simple. There are flashbacks that occur from both characters throughout the book that explains the moments of their kidnapping. It was more disturbing than "dark" or "violent." The flashbacks aren't very long, usually only a few pages at a time. For a reader who doesn't like stories told through flashbacks, I can personally say that it didn't bother me in this instance.

So there were humorous moments (Cam cusses like a sailor...or one of my friends at least), disturbing moments (psychopath who kidnaps people), tearful moments, and moments that make you want to melt into a puddle of happy. Oh, and let's not forget the very hot sex. Yeah, can't forget that...

So overall? I like it! A lot. You should probably read this, like right now. Or soon.