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Learning Curve

Learning Curve - Kaje Harper It's absolutely CRAZY to look back and see how far Mac and Tony have gone in their lives up to this point. Even Tony agrees with me in his assessment throughout the book!

So Learning Curve, like its predecessors, involves a case/investigation. However, this seems to be secondary to everything else in the book. Mainly, tying up loose ends: Mac's struggle to recover, Mac's own family issues, new problems for Tony at the high school, issues with Ben, and other emotional hurdles that must get tackled. While I enjoyed Learning Curve, I will admit that it felt long towards the 50-75% mark. I played with the thought of skimming, but decided to read every word instead.

Yet by the end of it all, I felt everything that needed to be addressed were adequately done so. It's strange to be glad that I finished the book without having to skim, yet feeling sad that it is indeed over. I absolutely love Mac and Tony, and will remember them for a very long time.