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The Last Rebellion

The Last Rebellion - Lisa Henry I don't know what it is about the word "torture" that acts like a beacon. And here I am, a wimpy little moth, that gets drawn to this deadly light. I know I shouldn't. That there are consequences. But that's my brain talking, and really, who listens to that logical voice when dealing with decisions of the (literary) heart?

So yes, this story has torturous rape and other acts of violence. Though if it helps, the "overt" rape (I know, kind of like being a little bit pregnant) isn't done by the interrogator, Miller. But this is the reality of things for prisoner of war, Rho.

For the first half of this short story, I wasn't too impressed. You get a lot of back-and-forth between Miller and Rho - basically, Miller knows what he wants, and Rho doesn't. But the second half is what did it for me. It made something shallow and physical into something more visceral. Self-discovery, acknowledgement and even acceptance. And in a world ridden with war and two men who have lived by the rules of war, what more can you hope for?