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Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone - S.E. Jakes So I was not a fan of how the first book ended, and had to keep myself medicated to prevent bodily injury to myself and others when I was done. So it was a surprise when I looked on the calendar, noticed the big red circle and remembered Long Time Gone was released on 10/28. Fortunately for me, I had the day open to be antisocial!

So we pick up four months after the events of Catch a Ghost. It’s really hard to give much new insight for this book, because if you liked its predecessor, then the sequel doesn’t disappoint. Prophet and Tom are still their same old selves, with some drastic changes to their relationship. And by changes, I mean good changes. And when their reunion occurs, my brain did some sparking with the proverbial smoke trailing from both ears. So yeah, great sex.

While Catch a Ghost focused a lot on Prophet’s past with some hints of Tom’s thrown into the mix, the sequel does a 180 turn. The setting of Long Time Gone takes place in the bayou where Tom’s abusive past catches up to both our MCs. There is definitely less action in this book compared to its predecessor – there’s a murder mystery going on that doesn’t officially involve EE. We get the appearance of familiar secondary characters Blue, Mick, Mal, a bit of Cillian, and a little of Phil. While the focus is on Tom, Prophet does some confessing (under duress of sex) of his own history. It paints a clearer picture of both our MCs and shows that they are really committed with each other. *swoons*

So if you liked Catch a Ghost, but wanted to learn more about Tom, then you’ll like Long Time Gone. There’s sexy time, a lot of confessing, alligator kinks (who’d have thought?!), and mushy romance fuzzies thrown into the pot. And while it’s obvious there is more to come with this series, the book ended on a good and non-cliffhanger note.