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Catch a Ghost

Catch a Ghost  - S.E. Jakes Alright, I just wrote a very long and wonderful review, and of course my computer crapped out and DIED ON ME before I could hit "save." *face palm*

Okay, so I am going to make an abbreviated review here.

What I liked:
1) Prophet. He's tall. He's blond. And of course, throw in a mysterious past that continues to haunt him (literally). Prophet doesn't like the idea of having a permanent partner as the top mercenary of EE Ltd, but then again, he doesn't really have a choice. Enter Tom.
2) Tom has anger management issues. He also has piercings, tattoos all over his body, and receives gut feelings + premonitions that are always correct (Prophet calls it Voodoo magic).
3) THE SEX. I'm sure I was panting with the AC on full blast to keep myself from exploding (thank god I wasn't wearing skinny jeans)! And if I had to drink a couple glasses of ice water while reading, well you guys know why...

What I did NOT like:
1) The relationship status. While I like Prophet and Tom interacting, I was scratching my head at times wondering how they saw one another. Partners? Fuck buddies? Lovers? Hell, I don't think they quite know either.
2) While Catch a Ghost utilizes an investigation mission as a tool to shed light on Prophet's past, it took till the end of the book before things started making sense. I was wondering if I was just missing something, or if this was done purposely. Until I had that Aha! moment, things were pretty vague. The beginning of the story was kind of slow, but once the mission became more complex with more insight into Prophet's past, the plot got more interesting.
3) The book ends on a sour note! Yes, I said it, and I will repeat: the book ends on a not-so-happy moment. However, the book blurb for the sequel has given me hope (and prevented me from smashing holes into the wall using my sister's high heels in my reading-induced rage). So for my GR friends, I would recommend waiting for book 2 to come out before starting this book!

So overall, I absolutely loved Catch a Ghost. I love Prophet and Tom (moreso Tom) and can't wait until book 2. In the mean time, I will fantasize about the hot sex and Tom's piercings. :)