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Corruption - Eden Winters ”I’m fucking whoever the hell you are, ‘cause you’re all the same to me…And you can consider yourself fucking Lucky.”

Damn it all to hell. I wanted to say a lot of vulgar and trashy things right now, because I held off reading this book in fear of not liking what was to come. I mean, Lucky and Bo had a pretty nice ending previously, and now there’s trouble in paradise? So yes, I was stepping on eggshells deciding if I wanted to read this, or plug fingers into my ears while shouting, “lalalalala” to drown out my consciousness. But I couldn’t fight off the sexy half naked devil wearing assless chaps, who sits on my shoulder. And now with images of motorcycles to boot!

So I am very surprised that this series isn’t more popular. I think it’s the premise of dealing with real life pharmaceuticals that throws people off. For me, it was the opposite. As a pharmacist myself, the book blurb was like waving bacon to a starving southern man. While the plot of drug diversion is important in the series, I always felt the books were more character driven. If you’ve made it this far into the series, then all I can say is this: if you’ve liked/loved Lucky and Bo up to this point, then Corruption won’t disappoint.
The story is told from Lucky’s perspective, and boy does he make me want to get naked sometimes! He continues to have that bad-boy attitude laced with enough sarcasm and smarts to make you snicker and at inappropriate times (and isn’t it cute how he has to stand on tip toes to kiss Bo on the lips?). What I liked best about Corruption was its exploration of Lucky’s hesitance to bring his relationship to the next step with Bo. While many M/M stories tend to have one of the MCs hesitate due to their own insecurities of love (i.e. “do I really love him?”), Eden Winters makes it clear that Lucky will always love Bo. He just has problems communicating with words, and the goals that Bo wants in life were things that Lucky never dreamed possible. So yes, there’s a lot of self-exploration in this book. And Bo has to go undercover where new demons (or old, depending on how you see it) surface as he battles with his dissociative state of mind.

But in the midst of all this introspective exploring, that doesn’t mean we don’t have action going on. There’s a supplier of bath salts known as Corruption that needs to be found, while new plot twist makes it clear that the series does not end with this book.

The book can be emotionally painful at times, but I find myself loving Lucky and Bo even more (is that possible?). By the end, I can see some pretty bad things looming across the horizon, but these two have never been closer than ever before. I will be waiting with much anticipation for the next book!