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Racing for the Sun

Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane Rating: 3.5 stars

I haven't had much experience with Amy Lane. In fact, this is the second novel I read from her. But it's clear that she is quite skilled in writing beautiful, and romantic prose. The emotions are visceral and Racing for the Sun was just that: emotional.

The story is told in first-person from Ace's point of view. I really love Ace. I don't really understand his fascination with Sonny, but they meet over in the middle east during his tour. They know each other for two years, but built a dream together. A garage, a house, a green lawn, dogs. They are going to race (or at least, Ace is going to race and Sonny will be his sidekick mechanic).

And so Ace selflessly creates this dream, built on promises to a man he's fallen in love with.

Unfortunately, as much as I adored Ace, I can't say the same for Sonny. Sonny is a very, very needy character. There are reasons. Good reasons, yes, for his personality. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. While I don't feel like a relationship has to be perfectly 50/50 (maybe +/- 10%), I felt like Ace was hauling 90%, while Sonny was dragging his feet along the whole time. Everything they had was pretty much due to Ace. And all Sonny could do was not completely trust Ace (and needing reassurances x 1000), demand some pretty unreasonable things, and got clingy/needy. Once again, there are reasons why Sonny is like this, but it still didn't sit well with me. Probably because even in the end, I felt like he didn't do anything to deserve Ace. He would say he would do anything for Ace, but I had yet to see that till the end.

So yes, I enjoyed the story in the end. The writing was impeccable. Ace made me tear up a few times. The secondary characters were interesting. Sonny kind of (okay, he DID) annoy me. But overall, the story was beautiful and I don't regret giving it a shot.