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Private Eye

Private Eye - S.E. Culpepper Rating: 3.5 stars

Private Eye stars private investigator, Rafe, when he is asked by a police officer by the name of Jeremy to take on a case of a family friend. Rafe, who is gay, is infatuated with the tall, sexy blond-haired police officer. However much he knows it's foolish to crush on a straight officer, he can't help but feel drawn to Jeremy.

Meanwhile, Jeremy himself (who realizes he never really had a connection with any of the women he dated in the past) finds his own curiosity to Rafe become attraction for the man. And doesn't that just make a recipe for disaster? Or at least, an interesting M/M fiction.

While there is an investigation going on, the focus of the book is on the relationship between Rafe and Jeremy. There are also niggles of other conflicts, such as Rafe's family drama and his ex-boyfriend Mark that occurs throughout the book. Mostly, the issues lie with the two MCs.

My biggest issue with Private Eye is that it took me so long to start liking Rafe. He was kind of a jerk to his ex-boyfriend (who was also a jerk right back), and also liked playing the ostrich (i.e. if he ignores everything and stick his head in the ground, then maybe all the problems will go away!). I didn't like Rafe until 60% into the book, when he and Jeremy start their "relationship." I also didn't really like any of the secondary characters asides from Jeremy's sister, Tracy. Oh, and Jeremy was good as well - he was a very honest and brave; he's also able to lay it thick on Rafe when he's being "woe-is-me."

The investigation itself was pretty weak as well. But hey, I'm a relationship kind of guy, and could care less about who-dun-it and what-happened. So over all? This was a pleasant read. I will definitely pick up the sequel, which features Mark as the main character.