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Turbulence - Lyn Gala Rating 4.5 stars

Jac (short for Jacqs, because I keep wanting to type ‘Jaques’) is a 38 year old, ex front line soldier. To say it bluntly, his life sucks. All he’s known is being a soldier in a war of humanity against the batfaces. And it was only one incident of many that caused him to be a gunner for a tin can in space, where he is working with the incompetents and newbies aboard the Candiru.

I believe you have to really like Jac in order to enjoy Turbulence. After all, the story is told from Jac’s third-person POV. Personally, I love this man! He talks like a red neck, is not afraid to tell both men and women to fuck off, and is never one to lie or bullshit. Jac is described as “simple,” and even he states he’s not a smart person. However, he’s far from a meathead – all brawn and no brain. I find Jac to be an intelligent person in his own occupation – mainly, he knows how to survive. He may not be quick on a sarcastic comeback to a conversation, but he can look at the crew of the Candiru and just knows they aren’t worth the spit it takes to hydrate them (his wording, not mine).

But despite all the rough in Jac, he’s one more thing: honest. He doesn’t run from a fight. Even after discovering his sexual identity, he didn’t do what many characters I’ve read had done. He didn’t go into denial. He didn’t avoid the person that made him question his sexuality. He didn’t try to lose himself in alcohol. He did what he always did, and charge straight ahead: fuck regrets, because in war, you could be dead in a minute against the batfaces. His honesty with himself and with life in general (mainly that it sucks, and you can’t do much about it when it’s war) was so refreshing in a genre full of “Oh woe is me.”

The book, while told from Jac’s perspective, also took time in introducing the Candiru’s crew. Not so much info that my brain felt overloaded, but enough to feel a sense of belonging myself. You could feel Jac’s disgust with everyone on the crew, with the exception of a few. And one of those people is the new commander, Zeke.

Zeke, a war hero of sorts, the kind of person whose picture is placed on recruitment posters throughout many planets. I really like Zeke, and his need to want to take on all responsibilities (the good and the bad). I won’t say much except that Jac is perfect for him, because Jac is never one to be shy on telling Zeke that life sucks - just because Zeke’s a commander doesn’t mean he can control the bad things that happen. What more can you ask for, if not an honest lover? *swoon*

The relationship wasn’t insta-lust/attraction either. Both guys got along well at first. Jac was suspicious of Zeke’s motives and actions, but it wasn’t one of those “he got an erection looking at the dude and didn’t know why” kind of situations.

So Zeke’s introduction to the Candiru, Jac’s relationship with Zeke and among other things start things off in this book. About 50% into the book is when we start having action that is prevalent in many of these types of space war stories. Despite the humor and Jac’s sarcasm and blunt comments (I love the way he talks, LOL), it is easy forget that this is a war story. I think it was easy for me to forget about this, and was brought back to the cruel reality of things when certain events happen and difficult decisions had to be made.

So I laughed a lot. There were moments I also got teary eyed, but was glad the book never got to the point of me having to bust out a roll of toilet paper. Turbulence had a good balance of emotions without pushing me too far along one end of the scale. It was also very thoughtful, because we don't always think in the mindset of someone growing up and only knowing war.

And oh, can’t forget the sex. Two alpha males (Jac is 6’5 and is 230 pounds of rock hard muscle and attitude, while Zeke isn’t too shabby either) in limited space. Hmm, need I say more?

Edit: I forgot to add my favorite quote!

"The world's going to take a shit on my head anywhere I go, but when we're together, it's easier to not think about how much it smells." - Jacqs