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Duty & Devotion

Duty & Devotion - Tere Michaels Not really a review, but more on my thoughts. I absolutely love Matt - the way he talks and the way he handles the kids (i.e. bribing) and Evan. Evan continues to feel uncomfortable with labels and how other perceives him. People may see this as a turn off, but I could sympathize with him to a degree. It's easy to be conflicted with KNOWING it shouldn't matter what others think, and facing the reality of it. It doesn't excuse his actions, but I could at least understand where he's coming from.

I skipped the second book that talked about Jim and Griffin. They do make an appearance in this book and they do steal the spotlight for a small portion of the time. But it didn't really bother me. Because regardless of Jim and Griffin, the story always swung back to Matt and Evan.

And the end? Absolute love. <3