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Twelve Tasks

Twelve Tasks - Therese Woodson If you ever need a little bit of happiness, then Twelve Tasks has it for you: all split up into twelve months. When clumsy and routine-driven Eliot decide to embark on a New Year's resolution with his best friend Jen, he doesn't realize he wasn't just agreeing to twelve uncomfortable tasks that year.

Oh no. He was beginning the start of his "happily ever after." And his name is Matt Parker. Matt Parker is a successful lawyer who hides behind his rude facade due to his difficulty in meeting new people. He and Eliot don't start off in the best of ways, but circumstances and mutual attraction are the perfect recipe for love between these two.

What I thoroughly enjoy about Twelve Tasks is the cast of secondary characters. You have Jen and Pete, Eliot's best friends. There is Evie, Matt's famous stepsister; and Carlos and Joel who are Matt's friends. Despite this rich cast of characters, the story is told from Eliot and Matt's perspectives and always centers around the couple.

So there is no insta-love. Everything took its time.
There was nothing too drastic or angsty going on. While there was conflict, it was pretty quickly resolved with minimal damage.
No detailed sex between Matt and Eliot. But there was intimacy and love.

So basically, if you are looking for something to make you happy with minimal damage to your psych, then Twelve Tasks would do wonders for you. I loved all the characters. And I loved the relationships (not just Eliot and Matt's relationship, but also the friendship dynamic between Eliot, Jen and Pete).

And heck, the book may inspire you to do something new every month for the new year!

It was also brought to my attention by my GR friend Ami (her wonderful review can be found here) that the author of this story writes Merlin fanfiction. It was all I needed to put this book on my TBR shelf, and could tell there is a definite Merlin vibe going on. I had to correct my brain from reading "Arthur" instead of "Matt" or "Gwen" instead of "Jen." It made me smile ridiculously since I am obsessed with Merthur fiction. If you have never read any Merthur fiction, that's okay too. Twelve Tasks is a great book on its own. It's just a little extra special for the rest of us who are obsessed with the fandom is all. :)