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Like Coffee and Doughnuts

Like Coffee and Doughnuts - Elle Parker Rating: 3.5 stars

Life Coffee and Doughnuts features a 41 year old PI, Dino Martini, and his sidekick/best friend/mechanic Seth. Dino's a classy guy who likes to charm old ladies. Seth likes to have sex with random women (and their boyfriends) in his garage. It's definitely a match made in heaven.

Told completely from Dino's point of view, Like Coffee and Doughnuts is a light-hearted read that's low on the angst. Don't expect a dazzling and thrilling mystery, or anything that pushes your emotional gauge to the limit. What we have here is a nice story with a likeable main character, and even more likeable love interest, and a bunch of charming old ladies.