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Tribute - TheAvalonian Rating: 4.5 stars.

I read this one back in August, so the details are kind of fuzzy. However, I found Tribute to be a refreshing take of Merthur fiction (and believe me, I've read quite a few!). From the blurb, it is obvious that the setup for the story (The Hunger Games) means there will be violence (of the bloody kind), angst, and the fear of death. My only disappointment for the story was the arena. While the arena in The Hunger Games took place in a vast forested area, the arena in the story is actually a huge castle. While this is more appropriate for a Merthur fiction, it kind of limited what the tributes were able to do. However, the overall story was still great. Tributes remains to be in my top 5 Merthur fiction. TheAvalonian is a very talented writer, and fans of Merthur should check out the author's other work(s) as well.