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Ground Zero

Ground Zero - Mel Keegan I'm a fan of Mel Keegan - his ability to construct a fascinating science fiction universe is top notch and simply amazing. That same world building is still evident in Ground Zero, in a futuristic Earth that is not so inconceivable compared to our present time.

Unfortunately, I couldn't really get into the read. The storyline was a little too 80s/early 90s science fiction, in the cheesy and not very flattering way. The whole human investigators vs alien life form just didn't sit well with me, and had me skimming the last 20% of the book.

The characters were well written though. Lee and Brendan were a nice couple, and their intimacy and sex was nice for the M/M romantic in me (though my niggle on the use of "breast" on a guy, though a clinically correct terminology, isn't sexy at all!).

So overall? Not the best from Mel Keegan. If you can overlook the cheesy storyline, then perhaps you will like this more than I did?