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Immortality is the Suck

Immortality is the Suck - A.M. Riley Let me be very clear: I, in general, do NOT like vampire stories. The long, shoulder length dark hair and pale skin doesn’t really appeal to my sexual beast within. And the fact that these vampire characters tend to be super wealthy, because they’ve lived like a thousand years, and speak in posh tones is enough to turn my mental eye roll into a very physical one (if I’m not careful, I can even hurt myself doing so). So yeah, me and vampire stories? We don’t tend to get along very well. And that’s fine, I get it: I like my peanut butter extra chunky, not creamy. So let’s just go on our separate ways…

But Adam. Oh Adam.

Over six foot tall.
Two hundred pounds of muscle.
Dark hair, tan skin (Italian).

Oh, and he’s the anti-hero type: not morally on the straight if you know what I mean. His uncaring attitude is both hilarious and a joy to read. To summarize: he is the opposite of everything I hated about the vampire arch type I’ve been reading up to this point.

Then there’s Peter: the complete opposite of Adam with the exception that he also works for LAPD. They’ve been “friends” for the past 15 years, and he I couldn’t imagine anyone better for Adam than good ol’ Peter.

So yeah, the characters in this book are great, really. As for the plot – let me say that I was confused. It didn’t help that I realized too late that there is a Spanish glossary at the end of the book, because I was lost a lot of times with the conversations that happen with gang members (who spoke half Spanish and English). That, and the use of abbreviations and such made me scratch my head at times (but hey, at least I knew DB meant dead body!). So yeah, I was confused with the whole plot of vampires and gangs for a good chunk of time, and will admit that I still don’t fully understand it.

Oh well.

At least the action was a nice touch, especially with the vampire “super powers.”

So asides from the confusing plot (confusing for me anyways), and the fact that there just wasn’t enough Peter x Adam time, then I will say that Immortality is the Sucks is an absolute delight! I can’t wait to start on its sequel.