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The Backup Boyfriend

The Backup Boyfriend - River Jaymes Rating: 3.25?

Maybe my hormones are off today. The gay-for-you trope is my absolute favorite and the blurb sounded so promising. I was expecting the equivalent to a hot shower after a long, cold day, but ended up getting lukewarm water instead.

My biggest issue with The Backup Boyfriend was my inability to sympathize and like Alec. Don't get me wrong, Alec is a good guy. Heck, he runs a clinic for homeless people! But he just didn't stick out to me as anyone special. Compared to Dylan's tragic past, Alec was just...boring. Even his problems with the ex-boyfriend, Tyler, seemed trivial to the issues that Dylan has lived through. When confronted with the ex, Dylan saw the vulnerability in Alec and wanted to help by being the fake boyfriend. I wanted to roll my eyes and tell Alec to get over it.

My second issue with the book was that most (if not all) the conflicts seemed to stem from misunderstandings. Even when they agree to start communicating with one another, things continued to escalate into the BIG clusterfuck towards the end. I understand that misunderstandings seem to be the underlying problem with most M/M romance, but I felt like I needed more Hell, give me a life and death situation, give me alien invasions or zombie attacks. Just...something.

But overall, this book wasn't bad. Even though the situations presented were cliche, it worked well. Dylan's humor was charming and the sex between him and Alec caused some brain overheating. Alec even got more likeable when he got his big, fat revelation towards the end (took long enough). The epilogue even left me grinning like a looney.