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The Complete Darkness Collection

The Complete Darkness Collection - Leslie Lee Sanders DNF @ 9%

Wow, that was quick. But I really didn't need to read on to know that I would have really, really disliked the rest of the story and this series.

Some of it was the writing style - pretty much 99% telling, 1% showing. Which isn't good for a story that should be charged with emotions after a series of world-ending events.

Most of it was Elliot and Adam. Elliot came off as a whiny bitch - too busy crying about how they (i.e. he and Adam) are going to die. Preferring to stay ignorant, complains about stupid shit, and pretty much becoming a character that is easily dislikeable. And Adam? He's the quick thinker, the survivalist. But even his background and attitude came off as an eye-rolling experience. It's like the author tried to make him into a complex, interesting character but ended up the complete opposite due to messy execution.

So all in all:'