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The Sentinel

The Sentinel - Eden Winters I don't really know what I was expecting. Certainly not a short story that reminded me of a 1980s romanticized science fiction anime. Nor a cybernetically enhanced soldier that reminds me of:


Who is able to overcome his programming and become the gentle giant of a father to a baby girl. But let's ignore the use of onomatopoeia (bong, bong, bong; vrk vrk vrk) and very cheesy elements of all our favorite '80s science fiction movies still on VHS. Don't go into this expecting the type of cutting edge science fiction reminiscent of current high-definition 1080p blockbuster films.

Instead, this was more of a story about love and family, that utilizes science fiction elements to achieve what needed to be done.

I started out kind of hesitant during the first chapter. But that hesitance gave way to other emotions while reading further: humor, melt-into-a-puddle warmth, fat ugly tears and hope.

I am a fan of Eden Winters Diversion series, and came into this with cautious expectations. And in the end, I was not disappointed! Read this, now!