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Over Time

Over Time - firiel77 Rating: 3.25 stars

I love fanfiction and online slash fiction. I really do. But my one pet peeve is when the blurb is really vague and gives absolutely no foresight into what the story is about. So let me try and do this story some justice so readers don’t go into this blindfolded with a gag:

The story starts off in the present when Sid (at the age of 30) has retired from NHL for approximately two years now. There are vague explanations of things that have happened in that two year time frame, enough to know that there are unfinished business. Starting with chapter 2, the story goes back to how it all started several years prior.

Over Time is pretty much an adult coming-of-age story for Sidney Crosby. His first close (and drunk) meeting with Alex Ovechkin that leads to something sexual, and is the beginning of many hours of face-palming reading experience.

What I disliked most about Over Time was Sid. My goodness, talk about a head case. He’s one of those characters that constantly keeps. Fucking. Up.

Strike one, okay.
Strike two, what?
Strike three, get the fuck out of my book!

It’s been a while that I’ve read anything with such a spineless character. The kind where EVERYONE is telling him one thing, but he refuses to listen. He keeps makes mistakes. When he does have moments of revelation, he contradicts himself in the next chapter (or page). This pretty much goes on for like 75% of the book, for which I felt like self-medicating before I create a Kindle-shaped hole in my wall. And my other gripe, which I did not deduct stars for but want to bring to attention, is that this story has lots of proofreading mistakes. So if you’re turned-off by that, you may want to skip this one (I personally prefer works that are beta’d, but I do make exceptions…).

But despite my Sid-induced rage, I found myself compelled to continue reading. It wasn’t the type of compulsion to get it over with (I would rather just DNF at that point). It was more of wanting to know how it all plays out. Sid was a dumb ass most of the time, but even I will admit that not everything was due to his poor decision making – shit happens, and okay, I can cut him some slack. As I mentioned before, this is a coming-of-age story for Sid, so be prepared for his descent into the dark abyss (aka: hitting rock bottom) before he is able to see the light.

So while I was annoyed with Sid, I did enjoy (most of) the secondary characters (especially Alex! Though Christine was laughable at best). And the fact that I wanted to keep reading, if only to see how everything would come together, must mean that the story isn’t as bad as I probably made it sound.

So would I ever reread this story again? Nope. But it was enjoyable enough to keep me entertained (even if my blood pressure was elevated most of the time). Just expect a lot of unnecessary angst and heartache due to one character’s constantly poor decision making.