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リプライ [Reply]

リプライ [Reply] - Kou Yoneda, Kou Yoneda Rating: 3 stars

As much as I want to 4 and 5 star everything Yoneda Kou, I will have to also be honest in my opinion. Reply is probably my least favorite of her works. Now don't get me wrong: the illustrations are gorgeous, as per usual with this mangaka. The story wasn't anything original, but this isn't really that unexpected as it's really more Kou's execution that makes her previous works great. However, Reply just felt a little too tepid in its execution. It also didn't push my emotional buttons as much as I would like. *shrugs*

Once again, Reply wasn't bad. It just wasn't anything special to me. I will still continue to love and follow her works though!

Also for those wondering where to get the English translated version of Reply, SuBLime has an official version that can be bought as part of the NightS compilation (released last year in Japan, but just released in the US in 2014).