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The Promised Land Is Here

The Promised Land Is Here - slutpunk Update 10/16/14
Why am I rereading serial killer fics while I'm at work? And why the hell is this fic even hotter, more deranged, and yet more plausible after the start of season 10? Despite the fact that this is an AU?! *gulps*


My first 5 star review of the year, and it's for a short story Destiel AU-fic featuring serial killers as the main characters. Yeah...I know what you're probably thinking:


Dean Winchester is a serial killer. He tortures his victims first, then follows up by killing them in grotesque fashion. And it just so happens that Castiel Novak is the man set to rehabilitate him after Dean's capture(this kind of has an In These Words vibe, at least in the beginning).

I usually just leave short impressions/opinions when it comes to these types of short stories, but since I gave it five stars, I will have to justify myself.

What I like about these types of stories is its testament to love, and how far people will go for that one person. Can the MC forgive cheating? Does the MC have to quit his job and move halfway across the globe to be with that significant other?

Can the MC love a serial killer?

This story would have probably been a good novella. As a short story, there wasn't much time to slowly develop the feelings between Dean and Cas - but the framework is there. And things happen quickly, but it still works. I also love how there isn't any type of reform - Dean is a serial killer and that doesn't change. No "change of heart" just because love is thrown into the equation. The twist with Castiel and his...uh, psychological state...was my only complaint as it seemed a little "out there" even for this type of fanfic.

But then again, who else can love a sociopath?

So yeah, I absolutely loved this. And Dean's confession at the end? Made my dark, bleeding heart flutter. Love it, and feel free to judge away! :D