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The Experiment

The Experiment - Alicia Nordwell The Experiment wasn't what I expected and I was having a hard time getting into the story. I was expecting something a little bit more gritty and dark, since there is mention of experimental abuse with one of the characters. Plus, I'm having a hard time getting the concept of naked vampire-based alien species from another planet (similar in the sense of claws, fangs, and moments of neck-biting). There's a soul-bonding/mate feel reminiscent of werewolf shifter stories (between the main alien character and the human) and I kept getting turned off with the whole "I keep getting horny when the alien is close to me," especially in a culture where most everyone is naked. Felt a bit too porny for me.

The story feels very yaoi-ish, if that makes any sense. And so far, there's a lot more telling than showing, so it's hard for me to sympathize with an abused character since the history of abuse is "told" and his reaction to things don't always feel appropriate (i.e. the human MC was raped during his experimentation, but he gets pretty horny around his newly met alien mate).

So in all, it just didn't meet my expectation and mood. It doesn't mean the story was bad, just not by cuppa.