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Starting Point

Starting Point - N.R. Walker Rating: 3.5 stars

After finishing Breaking Point, I thought Kira and Matt's story was over. I was very surprised when news of the third book made it onto my news feed.

I was skeptical.

I didn't feel like there needed to be more between Kira and Matt – that they had their ups and downs. Things were settled, so why stir the pot? But Starting Point was a very decent read and I was very glad the series ended on this final addition.

Starting Point begins six months after the events of Breaking Point. At this point, Matt helps out at the Fight Club where he teaches street kids self defense, fitness and drug awareness. His relationship with Kira is on the mend, and everything is actually pretty good in Matt's life. There's no more secrets between Matt and Kira; Matt's relationship with Kira's parents are wonderful as always, and he still keeps in contact with his old cop friends.

But then there's Claude and Ruby – sister and brother street kids who come by the Fight Club as respite from the streets of LA. And things really change once more in Matt's life.

So let me start by saying this: Starting Point was kind of a boring, yet a very emotional read.

Does that make sense?

There were so many moments of domestic, family-oriented fluffy bliss that put a smile on my face. But then the smile started hurting, and the lack of any action (as seen in its predecessor, Breaking Point) and emotional turmoil between our lovers made my eyes gloss over a good portion of the book in boredom. After all, I'm not a domestic/fluff kind of guy after a certain point (a little is fine, but too much deters me from being invested). Don't get me wrong – there were lots of feels (many, many tears – both happy and sad ones)! And there was emotional turmoil, just not between Matt and Kira. But these emotional outbursts came between scenes that dragged and made me glance at the clock often.

I was also shocked with all the proofreading mistakes sprinkled throughout the book. Mostly missing or misplaced words, but enough to distract me. There was also an intimate scene I was jolted out of when I had to reread someone's dialogue over again due to a missing word. It seemed to get worse towards the end of the book, and I didn't know what to make of it.

But overall, Starting Point was a pleasant, emotional read (albeit slow for me). It was an amazing journey to see how much has happened over the two year span since the first book between Matt and Kira. The perfect finale for those who want to get punched with feelings and to shed some tears after a long span of emotional constipation.