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A Rookie Move

A Rookie Move - Sam B. Morgan Ahem. *clears throat*

You may be looking at those two stars and think, "wow, he really didn't like this one." On the contrary, I sort of did. My mentality:

Hot cops.
Hot gay cops.
Hot gay cops with an age difference.
Hot gay cops with an age difference and butt sex.

It was a good mental bleach to some of the heavier stuff I've been reading lately (which had no sex *gasp*). And so this book spoke to my inner pervert and cop-fantasies pretty well. But great sex asides, not much really appealed to me. I loved Mike's humor and the different police calls (crazy enough to be believable!). But I wouldn't necessarily call this a gay-for-you. Mike is gay and I have more reason to believe that Nate is gay too (just not realizing he was until Mike). Nate also seemed pretty A-OKAY for a dude who believed himself straight for 25 years of his life - pretty much no issues or self reflection needed. He pretty much jumped on the bandwagon (or Mike's dick) in this case.

So yeah, hot sex and some good humor that scratched an itch. But not much else going for it.