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Relief Valve

Relief Valve - J.L. Merrow Rating: 3.5 stars

***Contain mild spoilers for Pressure Head***

So the sequel to Pressure Head was still a pleasant read, but didn't meet my expectations. The book blurb explains it all: a murder-attempted mystery. And just like the predecessor, the story is heavily focused on the mystery and investigation.

Some interesting developments include learning more about Tom's family, most of all, his older sister Cherry. We pretty much get all the old gang back: Gary, Darren, Dave, Merlin&Arthur (<3), and of course Phil.<br/>
Which brought me to what I didn't like about Relief Valve. Pressure Head left a lot to be learned of our mysterious ex-cop and current PI. He was an enigma in many ways: with his ex-husband and family. We learn very little in this book, and Phil still remains a mystery after all this time. It kind of annoyed me. But if there was one positive in Phil's development in Relief Valve, it was his blatant show of affection and love to Tom.

So yeah, it took the whole of this book, but it looks like Tom and Phil are FINALLY progressing in their relationship (which was a "sort of" relationship for the majority of Relief Valve).

And one last gripe I have: the lack of Tom's psychic awesomeness. I mean, his ability to find things played a pretty huge part in Pressure Head. He hardly used his ability in this book at all! Part of his quirk was being a psychic plumber, but he just felt like...well, a plumber in this book. Which is nice and all, but it just left me feeling a little cheated.

So yeah, more of funny Tom. Awesome cats. Sexy Phil. And mysteries galore! Overall, it was still a good read.