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Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away - S.E. Jakes I think I was pretty much in the minority when it came to my disappointment in Daylight Again. Because let's face it: the plotting in this series is confusing as hell, and the one element driving my interest in this series is Tom and Prophet. Everything, and everybody, else either adds to it, or distracts from it.

And book three was a lot of distraction.

But Not Fade Away took it all away. Sure, there was mention of the mystery and even of one of the other characters in the series. But overall, this short story brought the series back to what made me enjoy it in the first place: the dynamic between Tom and Prophet. Sure, most of it was just sex. But despite their already committed relationship, the author still manages to intertwine these two ever closer together – blurring the lines where Tom and Prophet meet, yet still creating two distinct characters.

There have been many proclamations made between these two characters – of love and trust and all that. But I really hope the next book in the series will bring that into action. While Not Fade Away was a great escape from the main story, it has also made me nervous – I feel like the series can either follow a spiraling path into the abyss (filled with over dramatics and more unbelievable scenarios) or become something more...special.

Fingers crossed that it's the later. But in the mean time, I really did enjoy this addition to the series.