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Stranger on the Shore

Stranger on the Shore - Josh Lanyon Stranger on the Shore is Josh Lanyon-formulaic. It's what I expect from this author, and it seems to deliver more times than not.

You have 27 year old reporter, Griff, who is finally able to investigate into the unsolved mystery of a kidnapped child twenty years ago in the Arlington estate on Long Island. It was supposed to be a seven day project that would be the gateway to Griff's career as a writer. Unfortunately, Griff never expected the family drama that is the Arlingtons, let alone their family lawyer Pierce.

So what do I mean when I say "JL formulaic?" I mean you have a main character who has a disability (in this case: anxiety attacks) and an uncanny ability to sleuth/investigate. You have the jerk of a love interest, Pierce (who exudes alpha male e-pheromones!). You have the relationship dynamic between the these two characters reminiscent of JL's other works. And of course, everything speeds up towards the end, and you're left feeling like you wished there was more.

What can I say? I love this formula, because it has worked with this author. I'm not a real mystery fan, but it worked well in this book due to the twist. While I wished there was more interaction between Griff and Pierce, I still felt content since their time spent together felt charged.

My only complaint is difficult to explain without spoiling, so I'll have to be vague (and put it in spoiler tags just in case). I wished there was more focus on Griff's past. With how everything seemed to happen all at once towards the end, I felt kind of rushed. Perhaps things could have been fleshed out more, but I guess better to have less detail than too much? Either way, I really enjoyed Stranger on the Shore and would recommend it to JL fans and those who just want to read a good M/M mystery.