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The Only One Who Matters

The Only One Who Matters - L.A. Witt, Cat Grant Rating: 2.5 stars

This book didn't make much sense to me. It's pretty much a "trouble in paradise" sequel to The Only One Who Knows filled with predictable drama and bad editing. So let me just list my issues with this book:

* Someone get this book an editor. Please. Missing words, repeated words, verb tense issues. Granted, it wasn't like every page had a blaring error, but I've had to reread sentences enough times that it bugged me moderately.

* How the heck is Flint only 40 years old?! He spent four years in academy, 6 years in the marines, and spent about 22 years in the navy according to the first book. That would clearly put him well into his forties. Plus, his whole attitude and way of speech signified a man around that age as well. But here? It mentions how he spent almost twenty years serving in the navy. WTF? I felt like someone told me 2 plus 2 is 22.

* The whole issue of PTSD. It doesn't make sense that the actual event which caused one of the characters to develop PTSD is glossed over. In fact, you are aware of the event after it happened. So when said character developed this very debilitating psychological disorder, I couldn't really feel like I cared. You want me to sympathize with the character? Then make me experience their pain. Don't just tell me!

* Pacing issues with not enough emphasis being placed on the events that really mattered. There were moments (a lot) that I kept thinking, "Why are we spending this much time on this event?"

* Didn't care for any of the secondary characters.

* The relationship. Flint and Josh were good in the first book. But they spent so much time in opposition to one another in this book that I just wanted it to be over. Ugh.

So what can I say is good about this book? Well, I liked the ending. That has to count for something, right? Granted, this wasn't a BAD book. I just wished it was just as good as its predecessor.