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Son of a Gun

Son of a Gun - A.M. Riley DNF @ 47%.

When it rains, it floods.

This book made me feel like reading was becoming a chore, something to be done. And at that point, I knew I had to quit. Basically, Stefan comes back after 12 years of leaving Boerne, Texas for his best friend's funeral. Of course, things aren't all as they seem, and Stefan figures that his best friend's death may perhaps be a murder.

I really did not enjoy how the story cuts off frequently to have these quick flashbacks of Stefan's childhood and adolescent years, along with excerpts of his children's story (he's an acclaimed author). I began skipping the snippets of the children's story and quickly skimmed the flashbacks.

Then there's the whole relationship aspect of it. Forty-seven percent into the story, and the only romance that happens is with a closeted-ex that is STILL in the closet (the book alludes to the hunky FBI agent, who probably had maybe a page of dialogue total up to this point). I don't see a relationship happening anywhere, and if it does, then it probably only happens for a small percentage of the story, which makes it NOT worth it for me.

And of course, Stefan just annoyed the heck out of me. Everything from his personality to the things he does. Just...NO.