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Sinner's Gin

Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford Rating: 3.25 stars

This is my first Rhys Ford book, and certainly not my last. Sinner's Gin is a story centering around the tragic accident of the band Sinner's Gin. In a car crash, the only surviving member Miki will eventually meet with SFPD investigator Kane Morgan. There is an investigative mystery involved which connects these two men in ways they could never have predicted.

So let's start with things I liked about this book. I liked Rhys Ford's writing style (though I did slightly cringe with her use of "suckle," but luckily it was only used once). I also really, really liked Kane. Sexy and a romantic, Kane is the polar opposite of Miki - from growing up with a loving family to having the patience to love a very "damaged" person. There's not much I can fault Kane in this story. And then there are the secondary characters, consisting of Kane's cop partner, his family, Dude (the dog), and even Miki's manager.

Now for the reason why I couldn't rate this story a solid four star: Miki. Sure, Miki is the "damaged" character with a crappy past. Well, crappy is putting things lightly, but you get point. However, I just really could not like his personality. Yes, he's damaged. He needed someone to look after him, to make sure he's eating, to make sure he's loved, to make sure he knows how to take care of his new dog, to make sure he doesn't fall flat on his face. He pretty much needed a babysitter. I could not for the life of me figure out why Kane even liked the pretty Asian singer (though he did try to explain it, but I call BS on it). I usually like there to be some give and take on both parties in a relationship, but my goodness - Kane was doing all the giving, and Miki was all for the taking. Where's the balance? I also felt like Miki acted more like a 16 year old instead of the 25/26 years he should be.

So after a while, I just started skimming the Miki-centered parts. But asides from him, I pretty much enjoyed everything else Sinner's Gin had to offer: an investigative mystery, a hot alpha male cop, and even hotter sex instigated by said cop.